Frog Pictures

The frogs shown on these pages account for approximately 1% of all known frog species.
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Blue Poison-Dart Frog
Dendrobates Azureus

Orinoco Lime Tree Frog
Sphaenorhynchus Lacteus
Northern South America

Common Coqui
Eleutherodactylus Coqui
Puerto Rico

American Toad
Bufo Americanus
Northeastern U.S.

Oriental Fire-bellied Toad
Bombina Orientalis
Eastern Asia

Rainbow Burrowing Frog
Scaphiophryne Gottlebei
Orange-Thighed Tree Frog
Litoria Xanthomera
Queensland, Australia

Iberian Painted Frog
Discoglossus Galganoi
Western Spain & Portugal

Golden Mantella
Mantella Aurantica