Frog Shrine

(Article from January 2011 Newsletter)

    My visit to the Frog Shrine was brief but fascinating. On Paterna Road, Santa Barbara, a low rock wall which runs along a 40 m (130') stretch of sidewalk is completely covered in all sorts of toy frogs, from plastic toys to ceramic sculptures to stuffed animals. I brought a small blown-glass frog, about the size of a green pea, and put it in one of the cracks in the wall on the right side of the center section shown above- see if you can find it if you go there.

    Barely visible in the above image, just to the left of the turquoise standing frog near the bottom left of the picture, is the corner of a small zip bag with a little green notebook inside. Many visitors to the Shrine (including me) have signed their names inside, and when I did so, I also added the web address of FrogsAbound. FrogsAbound now has a spot on this great tribute to frogs.